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Safer Driver Techniques

Safer Driver Techniques

We have an ongoing Refresher Driving programme that seeks to refresh the skills of our existing drivers. We also have a Remedial Driver training programme that intervenes to rehabilitate especially drivers that have been involved in accidents. The emphasis is on safer driving techniques and aims to address root causes of accidents/complaints. We are also recalling every driver to come back every two years for reassessment and retraining. Senior drivers are called upon as Sheppard drivers to mentor new drivers.

To increase our safety standards we provide ongoing training to our current instructors who are qualified facilitators; assessors and some are moderators. We embarked on an Accident Campaign project in 2012, a detailed presentation with visuals was presented to every Business unit, both operations and drivers in particular viewed this. Our stats indicate that the impact of this project resulted in a reduction of accidents overall. A mechanical appreciation course forms part of our New Driver Orientation and Induction, this course explains the technical aspects of the bus to drivers which increases their overall effectiveness when handling the buses.


22 January 2015