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 1. Existing Initiatives to Empower SMME's
  • Putco has always been supportive of SMME's and as part of our on-going enterprise development programme during the last three decades we have played a leading role in empowering SMME's with various business opportunities.
  • A total of 230 buses are operated by Putco's joint ventures and sub-contractors.
  • These empowerment initiatives, aimed at the small bus operators, have resulted in effective skills transfers and a number of established bus operators began as Putco sub-contractors. Based on the experienced gained in working with Putco, they have developed into fully fledged and independent bus companies in their own right.
  • Sub-contracting We currently have 30 buses on sub-contracts with four different SMME operators. Our current subcontractors are as follows:-


Name of Operater Number of Buses Area of Operation
GWIT 10 Soweto - Alberton
Reabetsoe General Services 2 Eldorado Park
Ebony & Ivory 4 Eldorado Park
Langalibalele 14 Soshanguve
Total 30


  • Joint ventures Putco is currently involved in three joint ventures which include a number of SMME bus and taxi operators as well as operators from previously disadvantaged groups. These joint ventures are as follows:-
Name of Joint Venture Number of Buses SMME/PDI Parties
Ipelegeng Transport Trust 104 Valuade
Asibemunye Transport Trust 16 Lenasia Commuter
Lekoa Transport Trust 80 Valuader Trans Bus Africa
Total 200  


 2. New Initiatives to Empower SMME's

  • ESKOM Tender In February 2012 Putco and Gauteng Women in Transport (GWIT) have tendered as a joint venture for the Eskom contract. This contract will operate about 45 buses throughout Gauteng.
  • Mamelodi sub-contracting In addition to the existing sub-contracting arrangements Putco decided to put a further 10 buses in the Mamelodi area on sub-contract. An expression of interest invitation for this subcontracting opportunity will be published soon and interested SMME's who meet the qualifying criteria will have the opportunity to be considered for this initiative.

This reaffirms Putco's commitment to SMME development.