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Continuous Rain Hampers PUTCO Bus Services

Wednesday, 12 March 2014: Continuous heavy rains have washed away bridges and road surfaces, while in some places pot holes have not only hampered the free flow of traffic, but made some roads completely inaccessible. The heavy down pours have affected and compromised services rendered by PUTCO to its passengers - mostly notably this morning when a PUTCO bus landed on its side, after skidding on a wet road near Pretoria.

The Passing of Nelson Mandela

nelson-mandelaAs we mourn the sad passing of Nelson Mandela... liberation hero, statesman, humanitarian and father to our great nation, let us pay tribute to his extraordinary achievements by living his goal - unity. We should honour him by reigniting in each other the national pride first seen under his presidency, the pide that inspired in all of us the will to commit to active citizenry of a unified nation.

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