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Buses ready for the long haul

The Easter weekend bus trips for thousands of pilgrims to Maria in Limpopo for the annual pilgrimage to the Zion Christian Church headquarters have started.

This year PUTCO will use 658 buses to transport ZCC members from all over South Africa.

PUTCO bus operations executive Ben Nienaber said the number of buses going to Moria every year depended on the demand and the bookings made.

Nienaber said since 2007, an average of 784 buses had made their way to Moria during Easter Holidays.

In 2010, 1 026 PUTCO buses were use, the highest number since 2007.

PUTCO buses can carry 65 or 80 passengers, which would peg the number of pilgrims using buses at 52 640 this year, if they used buses that carry 80 passengers, and 42 770 if the buses used carry 65 passengers.

The buses meet at the bus terminals across the country before making their way to the holy city.

- Nomaswazi Nkosi -