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Mamelodi Business Unit on tract to success

On the 1st of January 2014 , PUTCO Ltd, introduced a re-structuring project in which the Mamelodi tender operation was introduced.

The tender was introduced as an independent business model and The process followed was to introduce the following corrective actions in order to improve bus reliability and safety for our passengers.

Before the tender was introduced in January, Mamelodi operations’ shift coverage was averaging 45%, and this had an negative effect in providing a reliable service to our commuters, resulting in the operation losing a large number of bus commuters.

Something had to be done or else, the Mamelodi unit was heading for failure.

Specific actions were planned and implemented:

  • Established the required staff complement for the operation
  • Allocated each driver with a bus
  • Ensured that the basic operational issues were addressed: cleanliness, pre-trip inspections, bus scheduling etc...
  • Implemented a control measure which makes sure that all trips are operated. For this reason, the workshop department made sure we had 100% bus availability every day.
  • Prior to January, the Mamelodi operation incurred monthly penalties. Now, we have managed to reduce penalties as we average a service excellence of 98% to our clients.
  • All major mechanical repairs are done at the depot, instead of using external service providers (to save costs)
  • Continuous communication with staff are held monthly to update them on progress made and where we still need to improve - participative management.
  • In order to provide a reliable bus service Mamelodi allocated one type of bus to the operation, i.e. an Iveco Euro rider 6x2 bus, which has significantly reduced problems encountered with parts availability because stock items are minimised, i.e. only one bus type.
  • Monthly targets are set for operational and technical management to maintain a .
  • No passenger complaints are being experienced, because the quality of services conforms to the trip sched-ule.
  • The installation of the Afri-Ticket camera surveillance system in each bus has also contributed to improve overall efficiencies.