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Community Social Investment

Putco Cultivates Community Relations

Corporate Social Investment (CSI) is increasingly playing an important role in shaping the lives of South Africans and con-tributing to the country’s skills base and other social programmes.

The changing socio-economic conditions in our country have necessitated a new focus for the PUTCO CSI Foundation, to ensure that its mandate remains relevant and is in line with the company’s objectives.

It is an independent section 21 company, which started operating in 1982 and now registered as a Public Benefit Organi-sation (PBO) in terms of section 30 of the Income Tax Act.

In partnership with Mpumalanga Provincial Government, we have spent R 2.1 million in building decent houses to the deserving families in Western Mpumalanga.

PUTCO has made a commitment to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable and needy people in our country. Through the PUTCO CSI Foundation, we provide funds, grants, donations and assets to deserving projects in areas in which we operate.


  • To encourage our employees to get involved in social programmes initiated by the company.
  • To plough back and change the lives of communities in the areas in which we operate.
  • To get involved in long sustainable programmes and in addition, seasonal relieve projects like the provision of winter blankets, greening projects or crime busting initiatives.
  • To promote partnerships with government on socio-economic development projects (enter into Public Private Part-nerships)
  • To leverage resources and join hands with our strategic suppliers and business partners.
  • To encourage Municipalities to factor the maintenance of our approved CSI projects in their Integrated Development
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