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Continuous Rain Hampers PUTCO Bus Services

Wednesday, 12 March 2014: Continuous heavy rains have washed away bridges and road surfaces, while in some places pot holes have not only hampered the free flow of traffic, but made some roads completely inaccessible. The heavy down pours have affected and compromised services rendered by PUTCO to its passengers - mostly notably this morning when a PUTCO bus landed on its side, after skidding on a wet road near Pretoria.

The incident occurred shortly after 09h00 this morning. PUTCO bus 7320 was transporting passengers from Cullinan to Pretoria when the driver, who was well below the speed limit, lost control of the vehicle as soon as he applied his brakes in the approach to a bend.  This was due to the extremely wet surface.

One passenger was treated for broken ankle while other passengers escaped with minor injuries.  

PUTCO has said: “The unprecedented rains have caused real havoc for all motorists across the country and have also impacted on our ability to deliver an effective and efficient service to our passengers. We would like to advise our passenger to expect delays on impacted routes, as our drivers must take every precaution to ensure passenger safety.”

With more rain expected this week in Gauteng and Mpumalanga, PUTCO management further advises  passengers of unscheduled delays as a result of heavy rains which have led to some roads being un-drivable. The condition of the roads is impacting vehicle wear and tear.

“Today’s incident involving bus 7320 from Cullinan to Pretoria is an example of just how dangerous the conditions are.  We have asked our drivers to exercise maximum caution.”

PUTCO advises its passengers to contact its call centre (083 919 4287) to enquire about further delayed/affected services.