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The Passing of Nelson Mandela

nelson-mandelaAs we mourn the sad passing of Nelson Mandela... liberation hero, statesman, humanitarian and father to our great nation, let us pay tribute to his extraordinary achievements by living his goal - unity. We should honour him by reigniting in each other the national pride first seen under his presidency, the pide that inspired in all of us the will to commit to active citizenry of a unified nation.

On behalf of my PUTCO family, I would like to extend our sincere condolences to Mr Mandela's family, close friends and to our government. Our nation mourns with you, not just for the loss of our greatest leader, but for the man renowned for his kindness, humility, democratic vision and infectious smile.

Looking ahead, we may struggle to imagine a South Africa moving forward into a future without Tata Madiba, but we must hold firm his words, "Courage is not the absence of fear - it is inspiring others to move beyond it". His legacy does not leave us along with his physical presence.

May his life and his work remian ever in our hearts.

 Thank you Madiba

Dr Anna MokgokongDr Anna Mokgokong

Today is indeed a very sad day in the History of South Africa.

The passing of our Father Madiba is something we all knew would happen at some point, but we all underestimate the impact of this to all South African’s.

Madiba must be remembered for all the sacrifices he made in his life for this beloved Country South Africa. His immense tenacity, Passion and humbleness will never be forgotten and will serve as an example to all South Africans and The World.  

During this period of Mourning declared by our President we should use this time to celebrate his Legacy and also remember his Loved ones as they too were exposed to many sacrifices .

I Franco Pisapia as Managing Director of The Larimar Group, Putco (PTY) Ltd and the various companies in the group express my sincere condolences, on behalf of all the staff, to all the Mandela family as well as all the his closest friends who were part of the struggle as well as those who Madiba himself chose as his close friends.

Long live the Legacy of Nelson Mandela He will remain in our Hearts Forever.

Thank you MADIBA.

Rest In Peace Our Father.

Putco 1

Franco Pisapia

Managing Director

The Larimar Group,