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All buses are submitted for COR testing on a six monthly basis; three main Testing Stations are used for this purpose namely PUTCOTON Test Station, G&M Test Station and Watloo Testing Station.

On average an additional 400 buses a month undergo a random Quality Check that is conducted by G&M Test Station and PUTCOTON Testing Station.

PUTCO has been in the forefront in ensuring conformity to SABS standards.

  • All PUTCO buses purchased and built comply with all legal requirements in terms of homologation, which covers issues relating to standards for: roll-over protection, which is a safety cell meant to absorb the impact and prevent the roof from caving in.
  • We have installed an additional braking system by means of retarder.
  • All windows fold and serve as emergency exits.
  • The engine size of buses far exceeds the minimum power – and torque requirements, as required for the nature of the geographical operational area are surpassed.
  • All buses are fitted with soft cushion seats in configurations of three – two – and one seater, with all front passenger seats equipped with safety belts.
  • Impact absorbing seat design,collapses on impact, protecting passengers from hitting the seat in front.Bus safety Features
  • A large number of our buses are equipped with luggage compartments beneath the buses.
  • New buses also conform to stringent emission control standards as applied in other countries.