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1945  Public Utility Transport Corporation founded by Jack Bird Barregar and listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange with an issued share capital of 810 000 rand. 1983  PUTCO’s fleet peaks at 3 440 buses. The buses travel 156 million kilometres a year and carry 353 million passengers a year.
1953 PUTCO pioneers aptitude tests for applicant drivers. 1986 Mrs. Marina Maponya becomes the first black person to be appointed as a Director of the company.
1954 Introduction of advertising space on the sides of the buses. 1991 The effect of the taxi industry has a disastrous impact on PUTCO and the bus fleet reduces to 2500 carrying 120 million passengers a year.
1957 In order to meet commitments the company increases fares by one penny resulting in a backlash from passengers and the famous penny strike which lasted for three months 1994 Passengers drop to 82 million and the bus fleet to 2 280.
1959 PUTCO expands into Durban. 1997 PUTCO withdraws from Durban after suffering considerable losses in that region.
1961 Leyland Motor Corporation acquires a controlling interest in the company. 1998 PUTCO starts its first joint venture operation with a black partner, Valuader (Pty) Limited, in the Vaal area. Lekoa Transport Trust is established (Joint Venture with Elton Coaches).
1962 PUTCO acquires Edenvale Bus Service from the Carleo family. 1999 Ipelegeng Transport Trust is established. (Joint Venture with Valuader)
1968 The Carleo family sells all their remaining bus operations to PUTCO. These include Rand Bus Lines and Evaton Passenger Services. 2002 Nathi Khena becomes the first black Managing Director of the company.
Asibemunye Transport Trust is established. (Joint Venture with Lenasia Commuter Corporation)
1971 Carleo Enterprises acquires 51,6% share holding of PUTCO. 2004 Mr. Albino Carleo and a number of the board retire after serving many years and a new board is structured with Franco Pisapia, a nephew of Albino Carleo, taking over the driving seat as Managing Director.
1972 PUTCO formally changes its name from Public Utility Transport Corporation to PUTCO Limited. 2005 After being listed on the JSE Securities Exchange for sixty years PUTCO delists to enable it to take on empowerment partners.
1973 Albino Carleo takes over the driving seat as Managing Director of PUTCO. 2006 PUTCO achieves an important milestone in the history of the transport industry by completing a Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) scheme, empowering its more than 3300 employees as shareholders.

PUTCO introduces its new corporate image. "The Dawn of a New Era"

The company enters the luxury bus market with the introduction of 2 new 5 star luxury coaches

1978 In an acrimonious corporate battle, PUTCO acquires African Bus Service from United Transport 2009 PUTCO Holding company decides to diversify.

As poart of the diversification process PUTCO Holdings changes its name to Larimar Holdings.

Several new companies are formed as independent entities.

Several new companies are also acquired.

1982 The PUTCO Foundation is formed to assist in the social uplifting of the communities which the company serves.