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The directors of PUTCO deem corporate governance to be vitally important and are unreservedly committed to applying the principles necessary to ensure that good corporate governance is practiced. For this we accept full responsibility.
These principles include integrity, transparency and accountability of the directors to all stakeholders. In pursuit of these ideals we want  to exceed “minimum requirement” with due consideration to international trends and codes.
We have set up and continue to monitor sound and effective systems of internal controls, the assessment and management of business risks, the definition and implementation of appropriate business procedures.

Responsibilities are assigned, directed and managed for the purpose of administering and safeguarding shareholders’ interest and group assets.

Corporate governance within the PUTCO Group is managed and monitored by a unitary board of directors and several sub-committees of the main board, such as;  the audit, remuneration and the risk committees.

The board comprises of four executive directors and five independent non-executive directors, including the chairperson, three of whom are women.

The chairperson is the final authority on issues of procedure and runs company meetings in accordance with the constitutive documents of the company, namely the shareholders agreement, Corporate Governance compressedmemorandum and articles of association. In the absence of guidance from the documents, the chairperson applies the common law rules.

The board is of the opinion that the Group currently complies with the main principles incorporated in the code of corporate practices and conduct as set out in the King ll report.