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Corporate Social Investment (CSI) is increasingly playing an important role in shaping the lives of South Africans and contributing to the country’s skills base and other social programmes.

 The changing socio-economic conditions in our country have necessitated a new focus for the PUTCO CSI Foundation, to ensure that its mandate remains relevant and is in line with the company’s objectives. 

It is an independent section 21 company, which started operating in 1982 and now registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) in terms of section 30 of the Income Tax Act.

 In partnership with Mpumalanga Provincial Government, we spent R2.1 million in building decent houses to the deserving families in Western Mpumalanga.

 PUTCO has made a commitment to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable and needy people in our country. Through the PUTCO CSI Foundation, we provide funds, grants, donations and assets to deserving projects in areas in which we operate.


  • To encourage our employees to get involved in social programmes initiated by the company.
  • To plough back and change the lives of communities in which we operate.
  • To get involved in long sustainable programmes and in addition, seasonal relieve projects like the provision of winter blankets, greening projects or crime busting initiatives.
  • To promote partnerships with government on socio-economic development projects (enter into Public Private Partnerships).
  • To leverage resources and joint hands with our strategic suppliers and business partners.
  • To encourage Municipalities to factor the maintenance of our approved CSI projects in their Integrated Development Plans (IDP’s), to ensure sustainability.


  • We never get involved in a community project without consulting with relevant stakeholders (projects must be driven by communities).
  • We are involved in both long term sustainable projects and seasonal, relieve projects.
  • Our initiatives have a predisposition on people living with disabilities, women and the youth.
  • We believe in leveraging on local relationships/representatives when dealing with multinationals.
  • We endeavour to link our projects with IDP of Municipalities and other government priorities.

Project Identification

Requests are initiated by PUTCO’s Business Units (BU’s)/depot and specific projects are also identified at Corporate level. This ensures that our efforts benefit communities in which we operate, while ensuring involvement and ownership of projects by operational Managers and local communities.

 Criteria and Selection Process

  • Outline the nature of the project, state the problem statement and give background in terms of the “need” for such a project.
  • Explain in detail how the proposed project will benefit the community.
  • Outline all relevant stakeholders and explain the role of each stakeholder in the project.
  • Clarify the consultation process that took place or that will take place.
  • Explain the monitoring and evaluation process that will unfold to determine sustainability and assess the impact of the project.
  • Present the proposed budget for the project.
  • Attached to this must be an implementation plan, with timeframes and relevant people to drive the project.
  • This proposal must be signed off by the relevant BU/depot manager
  • This will be presented to the Board of Trustees, who will adjudicate and provide feedback

CSI Foundation compressed

Monitoring and Evaluation

The PUTCO CSI Foundation has put in place mechanisms to monitor how resources are used and periodically evaluate the impact of projects against set objectives. Progress reports would alert us to emerging problems and guide our decisions to continue funding a project or not.


Corporate Social Investment is no longer a “feel good” but a “must have”. We started investing in communities in which we operate long before there were any incentives from Government. So, our involvement is not about ticking the scorecard ,but investing in projects from the heart, with an interest to change lives.