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Bus driver selection compressedPUTCO Driver Training is based on the Certificate for Professional Driving registered with the TETA. Training material and content has been accredited with the TETA and the Standards Generating Body (SGB). We follow a stringent and scientific driver selection process so that we employ high caliber drivers: The selection process is conducted by a dedicated team of Human Resource Practitioners and qualified Psychometrists.

The Vienna Dover System is used to asses driver candidate’s decision making speed, correctness of decisions, hand-eye-foot coordination, auditory and visual discrimination, reaction speed, concentration levels, stress tolerance and stress recovery.

The Vienna Dover System is a computerized assessment that was developed in Austria. Since it’s introduction to South Africa in 1982 South African norms were developed based on the general South African population.

Driver candidates also undergo a 20 minute practical bus driving assessment by a Driving Instructor to ensure that they will be able to master all the driving skills successfully during the training period.

Candidates who successfully complete the practical driving test and the Vienna Dover assessment are sent for a pre-employment medical examination and their previous work references are contacted. Their criminal records, driver’s licenses and Public Driver’s Permits (PrDP) are also verified by using the services of Kroll background screening services.

Statistics show that for every 10 candidates that go into the selection process only 1 successful and fully trained driver will be released to the Business Units. PUTCO strives to provide our clients with only the very best drivers.

  • The following unit standards form part of this qualification; understanding the road transport industry in SA, health and safety, customer relations, self development, communication and interpersonal relationships, operating a bus.
  • The PUTCO Training Academy has four dedicated training buses used exclusively to train and test bus drivers.
  • Since 2003 PUTCO offered 152 formal Driver Learnership Programmes registered with TETA.
  • These are aimed at new entrants being trained towards the National Certificate in Professional Driving (NQF level 2).
  • Upon completion successful bus drivers are employed permanently by PUTCO. In order to ensure that new drivers reach the required standards, prior to them being introduced as PUTCO bus drivers, they work during their probation period under the supervision of an experienced and trained mentor-driver, called a Shepherd Driver.
  • The Shepherd driver evaluates and assesses the performance and conduct of the Trainee Driver, and provide corrective action and guidance where needed.
  • At the end of probation period the Shepherd Driver submits a final report on the performance of the Trainee Driver.
  • The final report is important in considering the permanent appointment of the Trainee Driver as a fully fledged PUTCO Driver.
  • All PUTCO Bus Drivers are required to undergo a pre-employment medical examination to ensure that they are physically fit to work as Bus Drivers.
  • This medical examination is performed in addition to the medical examination required to get a Professional Driving Permit.
  • The PUTCO Clinics are registered and accredited by the National Department of Health and are run by qualified Occupational Health Nurses.