Training Academy

We have a TETA and MERSETA Accredited Putco Training Academy which is headed by a qualified Psychologist, supported by specialised Psychometrics. Our selection process is rigorous, we recruit and train drivers who have experience in driving heavy duty vehicles, buses or trucks, preferably heavier than 3.5 tons. The Academy is supported by the Larimar Group's in-house Selection Centre which is responsible for the end to end process of selecting the very best drivers possible to safely transport PUTCO's valued passengers.

The Academy trains between 150 and 200 drivers per year and this year also trained 20 female learnership drivers on the newly developed Occupational Certificate qualification, as part of a flagship pilot project. To date the Academy has produced 110 newly qualified Artisans-Diesel Mechanics and Auto Electricians. We welcome any potential partnership with businesses which can benefit the Transport Industry. For more information please contact

To increase our safety standards, part of our training include mechanical appreciation course, which explains the technical aspects of the bus to drivers in order to increase their overall effectiveness when handling a bus. They are also put through a battery of tests on the VTS (Vienna Dover Test System. Furthermore, they have 3 weeks practical driving under direct instruction and supervision by qualified Driving Instructors and must do 100 hours of driving with a senior Sheppard driver.

We have an ongoing Refresher Driving programme that seeks upskill our existing drivers. The emphasis is on safer driving techniques and aims to address root causes of bad driving and accidents.

Lastly we have a remedial driver training programme to enhance the skills set and rehabilitate, especially drivers who have been involved in accidents. This is in an effort to improve road safety and driving techniques on all road conditions.

In addition, 50 drivers were trained on advance driving at Gerotek facilities.