Putco Bus Services

At Putco we pride ourselves in delivering safe, reliable and affordable service to the communities in which we operate. We currently operate commuter services in the following operating areas;

The fare structure provides both convenience and savings to regular passengers; a weekly or monthly ticket is cheaper than a daily ticket. We have vendors in most area of our operation and you can access the list from the dropdown icon under ticket sales vendors. We also have fixed and mobile ticket selling points in various areas.

Mobile ticket selling buses

PUTCO is in the process of upgrading it's ticketing equipment to an 'Automatic Smart Card Fare Collection and Tracking System' in order to reduce long queues and cash management. The contact-less 'Smart Card' also allows passengers to quickly enter the bus by simply placing the card on the reader, thus reducing driver-passenger contact.


In 2002 PUTCO initiated the building of special access buses for passengers with physical disabilities. These vehicles were designed after consultation with organisations representing people with disabilities These buses utilise a special loading platform.

During a trip the wheelchairs are secured by load binders to the floor structure. Seat belts and an additional wheelchair storage area are provided. There are also coded hand-rails and bell-pushes for the partially sighted.

We currently operate 2 access buses; one in Pretoria and the other in Mpumalanga. These buses also have specially trained crews, two per bus, to assist passengers.

Differently abled bus services

Moria operation

Putco operates 500 buses annually to transport thousands of pilgrims from various areas to the Moria Zion Christian Church Easter and September gatherings.