Emergency medical assistance for Putco passengers

Putco has Passenger Liability insurance and One Loyalty Assist will provide Emergency Medical assistance for passengers in an unfortunate event of an accident whilst being transported by a Putco bus.

What to do in an unfortunate incident of a bus accident:
Exit the bus and try to remain calm and move away from the accident scene.
The driver or any passenger should immediately call One Loyalty Assist Emergency line 0861 186 536;
Avoid moving the injured passengers unless there is imminent danger of further injury.
Ambulances will be dispatched and medical personnel will assess the injuries and transport the injured to the nearest and appropriate medical facility or hospital.
Medical costs thereof will be covered by Putco Passenger Liability Insurance for injuries sustained from the accident or hospitalisation.Costs will be covered until the injured passenger is discharged from hospital.
•Putco representatives will visit the injured passengers and offer support to affected families.
Putco will transport passengers who have been treated and discharged from hospital on the day of the accident.